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Peterborough Window Cleaning Services

Our professional technicians will arrive and demonstrate superior workmanship from years of experience in the field. Each of our crew is always managed by at least one technician who has multiple years experience window cleaning, gutter cleaning and siding cleaning, window cleaning. You can rest assured knowing that your windows will be left sparkling clean - from the sills and frames, to the tracks and screens.


We’ve invested over $100,000 in state-of-art equipment for all of our window, gutter, and siding cleaning projects.


We have over 30 years of experience and offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all work. You’re in good hands.


Our state-of-the-art equipment keeps our crew members off ladders as much as possible. We have strict ladder safety training all crews follow.

We've got over 100+ 5-Star Reviews

Our Window Cleaning Process

When it’s time  book a window cleaning, Peterborough residents can rely on our professional team to provide an excellent service. We recognize that having your windows clean is an important part of annual maintenance for your home. However window cleaning itself can be time-consuming and dangerous without the proper equipment and experience. As career window cleaners, it’s our pleasure to do the hard work for you. Here is our window cleaning process.

Our Crew Arrives to Begin Window Cleaning

If you are present upon arrival, our crew will confirm the scope of work and then begin the window washing process.

We offer two packages:
A) Exterior Window Cleaning
B) Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning

Exterior Window Cleaning

Our Exterior Window Cleaning combines the use of our soft-bristled brushes with our proprietary de-ionized water system. We start by washing your windows using a professional-grade window cleaning solution in conjunction with our brushes and washers. We clean all parts of the window, including the frames and sills. Once the window has been fully scrubbed, we then use a low-pressure, high-flow rinse with purified water that we carry in our vehicles.

Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning

Our Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning involves everything from the Exterior Window Cleaning package, but also includes the cleaning of interior panes, frames, and tracks inside of the building. Many companies charge extra for cleaning tracks and screens - and often times the client is unaware until the last minute. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work.

The “Walk-Around Check”

It’s company policy for our crews to conduct our signature “Walk-Around Check” at the end of each job. This is where our crew has a second look at the work they have performed to make sure there are no missed spots, streaks, or towels laying around. If you are home for your window cleaning, you will be invited by our team to join them on this special walk-around check.

Window Cleaning FAQ

Have a question about our window cleaning service? Below are some frequently asked questions.

How do you clean the windows?

For exterior window cleaning, our technicians will primarily use our patented soft-scrub technique. We start-off by soaping and brushing all of your window panes, sills, and frames. Then we will give everything a light rinse using our deionized (purified) water systems. The windows will then drip dry, as we finish. We’ve been doing this process since 1987 and we’ve served hundreds of thousands of homes.

For interior window cleaning, our technicians will clean the windows by hand, using a range of interior window cleaning equipment. Every interior window cleaning also includes track and screen cleaning.

Once the work is completed, our crew will conduct our signature “walk-around check”  to have a look at all the windows to be sure nothing was missed. If you are home, you’ll be invited to join them on this walk-around so you can be sure the work was completed to your satisfaction, right then and there!

Do I need to provide any equipment?

For all of our window cleaning work, we bring our own water tanks, hoses, and reels to all of our jobs so you can have nothing to worry about. When you hire Blue Diamond, you’re really allowed to sit back, relax, and enjoy the cleaning.

Do you clean the tracks of the windows?

For all of our interior window cleaning, we clean the tracks by first using a brush to clear out the dry dirt, vacuum as needed, and finally wipe it out remainder dirt with a towel.

Do you clean the window screens?

For all of our interior window cleaning, we take a paint brush, loosen up the dirt, take a vacuum as needed, and wipe it out.

How much does window cleaning cost?

There are a combination of factors that goes into our pricing for each home. It will depend on the number of windows, the degree of difficulty, and the location of the windows. We provide free quotes in a timely manner. Feel free to give us a call at, or submit a quote request on our website.

How long will the work take?

The length of each window cleaning job will depend on the number of windows to be cleaned, and the. The time required for the average home is between an hour and an hour and a half.

How can I get a quote?

You can get a quote by calling us directly at , or submitting a quote request online. Once we’ve received a quote request from you, you can expect a callback from us within 24 hours. Most of the time we will be able to provide you a quote within only a few hours of submitting a request.

Do I have to be home?

Nope! In fact 80% of our clients are not home while we are performing the work. We’ve built our name based on trusted relationships with all of our window cleaning clients. If we are cleaning the interior windows, we will need access inside of your home. In that case, you can either leave the door unlocked, or a key behind, or you can be home to let our technicians inside.

How soon can you clean my windows?

This depends on your location, as well as the time of year that you are calling. We may be in your neighbourhood and can get you in. Typically we can get to your home within 2 weeks. We have up to 15 technicians covering 7 crews on out in the field on any given day.

How long will it take to get a quote?

Typically we are able to get back to you with a quote on the same day. You will either be given a quote over the phone, or if need be, myself (Gerry) or one of our crews will visit your home for an in-person quote.

What is deionization?

You may remember from chemistry that pure water is a compound with a neutral charge. However, most water sources have particles and impurities that contain a negative and positive charge. Deionization is the process of removing positive – and negative – charged particles to create a rinse wash that is nearly 100% pure water. This rinse will leave nothing behind on your windows but a shimmering shine and a smile on your face!

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